Dealerships and Franchises

In an opinion rendered by the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, Gary Leydig was described by the court as “a Franchise Act maven” and “one who…actually understands franchise law.”

Gary Leydig is one of the nation's leading attorneys advocating the rights of franchisees, dealers and distributors. He represents and counsels franchisees, dealers and distributors located across the country and operating in a broad range of industries and service sectors. His cases are widely publicized and discussed, and his knowledge is sought out by his peers in the franchise bar and in its leading publications.

The body of law affecting dealerships and franchises is complex and varied. Litigation on behalf of dealers and franchisees requires the knowledge and training of a skilled commercial litigator.  It also requires the specialty knowledge of the wide ranging laws that specifically impact the dealership and franchise relationships.

At the federal level, the Federal Trade Commission Act, antitrust laws and other statutes and regulations have substantial impact on the relationship. At the state level, there is an array of statutes and common law doctrines that dramatically affects the relationship. The FTC has adopted a Franchise Rule that applies to every franchise sold anywhere in the United States.  Many states have their own franchise and franchise-like acts on the books. And, many states have statutes aimed at protecting dealers in specific industries, such as automobile dealers, farm equipment dealers, heavy and industrial equipment dealers, wine and spirit distributors, and the like.  These laws can reach well beyond commonly held notions of what constitutes a franchise or dealership, and they can provide substantial rights and remedies to businesses that have no notion they are a "franchise" or “dealer” under these laws. Gary Leydig is expert at maximizing the protections afforded by these laws.