If you are investigating or negotiating the purchase of a franchise, Gary Leydig can bring considerable value to the transaction.  He will carefully and in detail review your contract and disclosure documents, and he will provide you with the guidance and advice that comes from nearly two decades of representing franchisees. He will identify the provisions of the contract that may negatively impact your potential investment, and he will work with you to arrive at and negotiate creative solutions to those potential problem areas.

Franchise Agreements and the accompanying Franchise Disclosure Documents are complex and difficult to grasp for even seasoned attorneys and business people. The time you spend understanding these documents before you sign on the dotted line is critical and is time well spent. To that end, we highly recommend that you go to our Links page and read several of the pamphlets that have been published by the Federal Trade Commission and individual states concerning the need to be well informed before committing to a franchise system. These will focus your investigation of the franchisor and they will allow you to get to the heart of important matters with your attorney – hopefully us – much more quickly.

Dealership Agreements – whether or not they technically fall within the coverage of a franchise or dealership statute – require careful review. Whether you are newly starting a dealership, adding auxiliary or possibly competing lines to an existing business, or negotiating the terms of a modified or renewal contract, Gary Leydig can provide considerable insight and advice to maximize the benefits of the deal.  Gary has successfully moved many of his clients past the “take it or leave it” stance that manufacturers and suppliers almost always bring to the table.

Our counsel does not stop with the franchise or dealership contract. Gary and the business lawyers in Riordan Fulkerson Hupert & Coleman regularly advise our clients on all aspects of organizing and operating a business, including: building acquisitions and leases, financing, employee relations, contracts, mergers and acquisitions. To learn more, click here.