“We win for a reason. When presenting a case to the judge or jury, our knowledge of the case – of the law, of the facts and of the client’s business – is so thorough that very little can be thrown at us to take us off our game.” – Gary Leydig


Gary Leydig represents businesses, entrepreneurs and nonprofits in their commercial and typically high-stakes disputes, both as plaintiffs and defendants.  While Gary and his team of skilled commercial litigation attorneys and staff at LeydigLaw maintain their office in Chicago, Illinois, clients seek out Gary’s advice and expertise from across the country and across the globe, including Japan, Europe and Latin America.  As a result, he is engaged in suits pending in state and federal courts throughout the United States.  Within his commercial litigation practice, Gary Leydig is widely recognized for the successes he has achieved for dealers and franchisees. Indeed, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals has described Gary as "a Franchise Act maven" and "one who…actually understands franchise law."


There are cases that businesses and business people simply cannot afford to lose. Those cases require a deep understanding of the law, honed trial skills, perseverance and creativity to successfully prosecute or defend. Gary Leydig brings precisely these attributes to his clients’ business disputes, and he has more than 30 years of success in these high-stakes, critical cases to back it up.


The right lawyer matters. Lawyers are not interchangeable. When you hire Gary Leydig, you get Gary Leydig. Gary lives and breathes his client’s problems from the moment he is retained to the day the matter is resolved. Your critical case does not get handed off to a nameless pool of underlings. Gary Leydig learns your business and intimately understands your goals. He develops the legal strategies, undertakes the discovery, makes the arguments to the courts and persuades the juries. For high-stakes cases that require it, a small team of one or two talented lawyers is formed to work with Gary and the client; but they are neither nameless nor faceless. They work directly with the client. They know the client and the client knows them. The left hand always knows what the right hand is doing. The intimacy of the relationship between Gary and the client, and the first hand knowledge Gary has of every aspect of the case when he steps in front of a judge or jury are key to the extraordinary successes he achieves.