“We win for a reason. When presenting a case to the judge or jury, our knowledge of the case – of the law, of the facts and of the client’s business – is so thorough that very little can be thrown at us to take us off our game.” Gary Leydig


In an opinion rendered by the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, Gary Leydig was described by the court as “a Franchise Act maven” and “one who . . . actually understands franchise law.”


“We regularly face and prevail against the nation’s finest and biggest regional and national law firms – often firms on the Am Law 100 list.” – Gary Leydig


“You need to know what your rights really are, not just what the supplier's or manufacturer’s form contract says they are.” – Gary Leydig


“Commercial litigation forms the backbone of Gary Leydig’s practice.”


“Gary Leydig is a nationally recognized leader in the representation and protection of dealers, distributors and franchisees.”